Crowder Consulting is a professional business of consulting engineers, software developers and data analysts. As an SME we are positioned in a niche area of the water industry being able to offer to water operators in the UK and internationally our leading Water Network Management System, Netbase, with our engineering consultancy and data analysis services. Our services focus on the planning, monitoring, analysis, performance, modelling and operational aspects of water and sewer networks. Our software and services are used by major water operators in the UK and Ireland, South East Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South America. We work with international partners and are often an integral part of major network improvement projects. The term ‘smart water’ is used in the industry for the type of software and consultancy services that we provide, and indeed we are at the forefront of innovation towards the advanced use of sensors, controls, modelling and analysis for future network management.

At Crowder Consulting, we strongly believe in the development and progression of our employees. We offer the training required to help employees enhance their knowledge and skills, to help them build successful careers within the water industry.

Many of our current employees joined Crowder Consulting as newly qualified graduates. They have been able to quickly gain experience through being involved in all areas of the business. Many of them have now been given the opportunity to take on more senior roles.

Crowder Consulting regularly organise sports & social events for employees to take part in. This provides employees with the opportunity to socialise outside of work. Our team enjoy taking part in football tournaments, marathons, camping trips and country walks. See our News page for more information.