Crowder Consulting have over many years provided a range of professional fieldwork services for water and sewer networks. This is an important capability of the company, for which we have experienced field staff with appropriate training in confined spaces and street works and the utilisation of fully equipped vans. With our core team of experienced field staff we are able to provide strategic and added value services to our clients.

Data Logging & Field Checks

We have a resource of data loggers and a logger calibration rig. Our experience includes site surveys and checks, pressure and flow logging for hydraulic models, leakage investigations, monitoring non-domestic customer meters, establishing DMA boundaries and pressure management schemes.

Leakage Detection

Crowder Consulting have a highly skilled leakage detection team that is particularly intended for seasonal peak periods and for areas requiring a more intensive approach. The team is equipped with high specification equipment for noise logging, correlating and step testing

GPS Surveying

Crowder Consulting utilise the latest GPS surveying equipment with fast data collection and precision accuracy. Our experience includes manhole surveys, drainage and water network asset surveys and pressure logging surveys.

Drainage Surveys

Our experience in drainage surveys includes locating and mapping areas of sewer networks that are missing from the water operator’s GIS. We have carried out extensive property asset surveys for foul, surface and combined public and private drainage. Surveys have entailed connectivity checks using sounding, dye testing and sea-snake camera.

Water Efficiency Initiatives

We have experience of carrying out water efficiency initiatives on behalf of water operators. This involves a customer contact with householders in order to promote and arrange for the fitting of water efficiency appliances by Crowder field staff, and subsequent water savings modelling and reporting to the water operator.

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