Meet the Team


George Crowder

Managing Director Who is George?

George is a chartered civil engineer and the founder of Crowder Consulting. He has led the development of the consultancy and the Netbase system to its present capability and leads the future direction of the business.

Tom Crowder

Director Who is Tom?

Tom holds an executive MBA and is a chartered manager. He leads the consultancy team responsible for international Netbase implementation and NRW projects. He acts as client manager for networks and leakage management consultancy work with UK water companies.

Dilraj Dhillon

Director Who is Dil?

Dilraj is a civil engineer and is chartered water and environmental manager and chartered environmentalist. He has been with Crowder Consulting for over 20 years working on water network projects. He leads a consultancy team who provide services to largely UK clients on network and leakage management, demand analysis, hydraulic modelling and analysis, field services and Netbase related projects.

Gillian Sowden

Director Who is Gillian?

Gillian is a chartered civil engineer and has been with Crowder Consulting for over 25 years. As Development Director she oversees the development team in developing Netbase. She also manages a consultancy team responsible for international Netbase implementations and NRW projects.

Kathryn Mayers

Company Secretary Who is Kathryn?

Kathryn is a business studies graduate and is responsible for the executive administration of the company. She oversees the company’s tendering and contract processes, financial, quality assurance and human resources administration.

Sharif Elnagar

Director Who is Sharif?

Sharif is an experienced engineer and as Development Manager, he leads the development of Netbase to satisfy the technical and user requirements of the Water Industry. He also acts as client manager on Netbase implementation projects.

Ian Garner

Director Who is Ian?

Ian is a computer scientist and is a CMI chartered manager. He has been with Crowder Consulting for over 20 years leading a team of data and information analysts on Netbase projects. The teams primarily focus is the loading of the Netbase database by integrating with a variety of client’s corporate systems. The team are also involved in other data related projects such as gap analysis and infilling.

Li Li

Associate Director Who is Li Li?

Li Li is an experienced civil engineer. She leads the development of Netbase and acts as client manager of leakage management consultancy projects for UK clients. She also manages the Data Science Team working on Netbase Digital Platform development.

David Newman

Associate Director Who is David?

David is primarily responsible for the IT and communications infrastructure and security within the business. He has a broad knowledge and experience of installing and supporting hardware and software systems, including the administration of Oracle databases. He oversees all IT policy and ensures that the business remains compliant to the cyber essentials plus standard.

Richard Anakin

Associate Director Who is Richard?

Richard is part of the management team leading the product development of Netbase and digital services. His focus is primarily on facilitating the continuous and sustainable evolution of the Netbase ecosystem including product innovation, development strategy and team management.