Netbase Implementation & Upgrades

The implementation of Netbase and major upgrades are carried out by Crowder and their partners as a project, usually in phases.

The project processes comprise data mapping of corporate system data to the Netbase database, the loading and configuring of the database, according to the structure of the water network, the initialising of applications analysis and reports, then the testing, handover, and training.

Netbase Implementation & Upgrades

The implementation process involves establishing the interfaces with corporate systems data and the frequent updating processes of the Netbase integrated database. A major component of the implementation is the micro configuration of the water distribution network in the database. The configuration includes:

  • Setting up the hierarchy of areas in the water distribution network e.g. WRZs, DMZs, DMAs, sub DMAs.
  • Setting up the non-infrastructure (NI) asset records, such as tanks, pumping stations and devices together with their attributes and characteristics (e.g. volume / depth relationships).
  • Assignment of meters as I/O and pressure monitoring points (critical, average, PRVs etc.) to each area and to some NI assets.
  • Identifying monitored assets (meters, valves, hydrants, tanks, pumps etc.) and logged customers and linking them to their time series data signals in SCADA, telemetry and data loggers.
  • Completing billing record assignments as HH, NHH, metered, unmetered, type, night use, annual consumptions and their assignment to areas.
  • Establishing daily analysis history of the integrated flow, consumption and leakage of each area. BU based on night flow, night use and daily volume, TD based on daily volume and consumption.

In our experience, the processes of implementing Netbase have had a positive benefit on corporate data integrity and data cleansing issues. This can include addressing mis-matches of names and references for the same assets and areas on different corporate systems.

When implementing Netbase, if possible, we will use the NetConn schematics application in order to create the hierarchical structure of the areas and the monitoring of the areas. There is then a longer term benefit of having the schematics in Netbase for visualising and analysing the network.

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