Network visualisation and spatial analysis with views, maps, graphical tools and schematics
Water balance analysis of leakage, NRW and losses for regulatory reporting (top down) and operational planning (bottom up)
Comprehensive hydraulic model manager for building, validating and maintaining network models; for hydraulic simulation analysis and operational support
Source to tap dynamic network schematics for analysis, network investigation support and prioritisation
Flexible KPI and network status monitoring, satisfying operational, management and regulatory reporting
Automated data ingest from source systems to build and maintain up to date data for the entire network

Netbase is our flagship product and is a data rich hub that acts as a Digital Twin of a water operator’s network; providing source to tap insights.  A suite of best-practice applications utilise this unified data hub to provide utility practitioners with the tools and analyses to monitor, operate, optimise, manage and support their network more efficiently.  Netbase can be implemented on premises or as a SaaS offering providing the complete toolkit for supporting Water Network management and reduction of Water Losses.