Sewer Networks

Crowder Consulting are experts in Sewer Networks, having had a long involvement in urban drainage with past experience in flow surveys, manhole surveys, modelling and design of storm water retention facilities.

Combined with more recent experience and involvement with the analysis of rainfall and permanently monitored data (CSOs, pumping stations and strategic manholes), we are able to offer a range of analytical services, surveys and support services for the management of sewer networks.

Urban Drainage Surveys & Studies

Our recent experience in urban drainage has been in conducting property and asset surveys in areas identified as being at a high risk of flooding. The ensuing studies then involved assessing the risks to properties based on the surveys, hydraulic models analysis and corporate data.

A risk based approach for prioritising surveys and preventative interventions was developed, which included the impact of rainfall intensity and duration.

Asset Assessment

Crowder Consulting’s experience includes sewer asset data cleansing and verification and assessing sewer condition from CCTV footage. In addition, analysing corporate data for blockages, flooding and customer contacts associated with sewer assets throughout the network.

Hydraulic Modelling

We are experienced in applying hydraulic models for development design and scenario analysis, with the respective rainfall profiles and return periods. We have previous experience of building and calibrating models using flow survey data.

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