Water Networks


Crowder Consulting provide innovative and progressive consultancy services for the management, monitoring, improvement and regulatory reporting of water networks, from source to tap.

Over many years Crowder Consulting have provided services to major water service providers, supporting their journey towards Smart Networks. We have built up our knowledge and experience of the infrastructure, technologies, regulations and practices that enable us to be leaders in this field.

Leakage, NRW & Resources

We have accumulated a wealth of experience with British and international water operators. Our experience is therefore working with highly regulated operators and with those following the IWA approach and methodologies. Our services cover a wide range of activities including;

  • Analysis and modelling of component losses, customer night use, commercial losses, base leakage levels, natural rate of use, economic leakage levels, demand, standard water balances and source abstraction.
  • Strategic planning of leakage reduction activities involving detection and repair, pressure management, customer metering, water efficiency and source utilization.
  • Support activities for regulatory submissions, network investigations, detection management and metering programmes.
  • Source to tap network schematics (Netbase – NetConn) and upstream network monitoring, losses and investigations.

DMAs & Zones

Crowder Consulting’s experience covers the planning, design and implementation of DMAs and water management zones. This involves the application of hydraulic models and the fieldwork verification of network boundaries.

Customer Levels of Service

We have been involved with many programmes and initiatives carried out by water operators to report on and improve customer levels of service. These include low pressure monitoring and reporting, low pressure schemes, disruption in supply analysis and reporting, water efficiency initiatives and network zonal structures.

Hydraulic Modelling

Hydraulic models play a critical function for water operators, supporting day to day activities, planning for new developments and supplies and capital maintenance of the network. Crowder have a long established track record of constructing and calibrating models with the associated fieldwork surveys, logging and investigations. Our experience is from working with both British and international water operators, enabling us to offer leading consultancy services in this field.

Asset Planning

Crowder have developed and applied innovative software tools and processes for analysing the performance of underground pipe assets and identifying pipes for replacement. DMAs as a whole are assessed using historical work management, leakage analysis, customer contacts and water quality data. Pipe assets are assessed as connected pipes of the same material and age for their frequency and consequence of failure.

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